What polyvinyl acetal resin (PVB) is?

S-LEC is Sekisui Chemical's representative raw material resin brand. It is characterized by "toughness", "flexibility", "adhesiveness" and "dispersibility", but, to begin with, what kind of material the polyvinyl acetal resin (PVB) is ? Now we will introduce PVB in an easy-to-understand manner.

Main features of polyvinyl acetal resins (PVB)

Polyvinyl acetal resins, including polyvinyl butyral, are multifunctional polymers that can be changed their chemical and physical properties by controlling the molar ratio of chemical units and the degree of polymerization. These have been used in various field for a long time.

Toughness・・・ Strength × Flexibleness
Adhesiveness・・・ Adhesion × Peel resistance
Dispersibility・・・ No aggregation × No separation

How to use PVB and applications

PVB has good solubility in a various solvents. By mixing pigments, carbon materials, ceramic powders, etc. into the PVB solution, PVB can take advantages of its characteristics to improve each application.

※Slurry・・・ A liquid mixture in which powders such as ceramic powder are dispersed without dissolving in a solvent.
※Green sheet・・・ The sheet made from slurry, which is spread thinly on a plastic film called a carrier film and dried in sheet form.
※LiB・・・ Lithium Ion Battery
※MLCC・・・ Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor

Other applications

Polyvinyl acetal resin is used in a wide range of applications besides the above such as resin modifiers, binders for silver-halide film, and adhesives etc..

Resin modifiers
Silver-halide film (X-ray photos)

More information

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