『Plug and Play startup pitch event held 』

The challenge of resource-recycling smart cities through co-creation by startups across Industries.


TV interview about perovskite solar cells.

Development of Perovskite Solar Cells for the Utilization of Renewable Energy


【MIC Event Report】 『 To create new customer value and new areas of business 』

~ Through practice at Fujifilm Advanced Research Laboratories and Open Innovation Hub ~


『 P2 (Atmospheric pressure Plasma) Workshop was held 』

Workshop for idea generation about atmospheric pressure plasma.


Product information


We supply materials and products that contribute to the safety and durability of buildings and infrastructure and to solving social problems, such as resin raw materials for heat-resistant pipes, fire-protection, non-combustible, and heat insulating materials, and rainwater storage materials.


We supply products such as fine particles, sealants and adhesives, and tapes and films that have functions including conductivity and insulation, thermal management, gap formation, and cushioning and protection for use in various types of displays, electrical devices, communications equipment, circuit boards, and semiconductors.


In addition to products such as interlayer film for laminated glass, foams for automobile interior parts, molded products and tapes, we supply heat release materials and electromagnetic wave protection materials for electric and autonomous driving devices. We also supply aircraft and UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) interior and exterior parts and carbon fiber reinforced plastic molded products.


We supply products created from cutting-edge technologies, such as adhesives, packaging tapes, and plastic containers for use in daily life and throughout society.

New information

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