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Int'l Automotive
Electronics Technology Expo

  • Dates: 
    January 24 (Wed) - 26 (Fri), 2024 10:00-17:00 (JST)
  • Venue:
    Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

Information of products

Conceptual mock-ups
display area

In the conceptual mock-ups display area,
you will have the opportunity to physically touch or handle following aspects related to next-generation mobility

  • ・a front end mock-up using paint
    transfer sheet
  • ・a door trim concept mock-up with
    incorporates translucent foam
    laminated materials and touch sensors,
  • ・combination mock-up of HUD and
    a color roof that with interlayer films
    for switchable laminated glass.

You will experience the potential of Sekisui products through tactile interaction

Mock-ups display area image
Translucent Foam Laminate (Door trim concept)
Paint transfer sheet (Booth-less paint concept)
S-LEC™ Wedge Shaped Film (HUD demonstration)
S-LEC™ Design Film (Switchable colour roof concept)

Information of
products premiering

Our new products are coming to CAR-ELE JAPAN!
Sekisui Chemical Group propose showcases premier products that introduce a fresh approach to achieving enhanced safety and performance for batteries and ADAS-related devices, cutting-edge EMC countermeasure materials, as well as refined design and comfort improvements for the next generation of mobility.

Product map
Product display area map
Resinization of metal housing

Weight reduction Heat release EMC
Weight reduction Heat release EMC(Electromagnetic Compatibility)

Resinization of metal housing

Potential Application
OBC weight reduction, heat release,

With EMC seal and high thermal conductivity resin with injection molding design freedom and thermal conductivity materials aiming to reduce weight by making metal housing resin

3D Thermal Gap pad

Heat release
Heat release

3D Thermal Gap pad

Potential Application
OBC, Junction-BOX, Bus Bar, BDU

3D gap pad follow the application and provides thermal diffusivity, rework with low hardness

Manion HST - high property, high thrmal sheet -

Heat release
Heat release

Manion HST
- high property, high thermal sheet -

Potential Application
Heat generation component such as ECU

Thermal conductive sheet with high thermal conductivity, flexibility and adhesion
(under development)

Flme retardant lightweight composite sheet

Fire resistance, Flame retardance Fire resistance, Flame retardance
Weight reduction Weight reduction

Flame retardant lightweight
composite sheet

Potential Application
Battery pack cover

Recyclable thermoplastic sheet

High heat-resistant tape 5503HT & 5505HR


High heat-resistant tape
5503HT & 5505HR

Potential Application
For fixing heaters, heat source components and
substitute for silicone adhesive

Double-faced tape with heat resistance and low VOC

Easy removable foam tape

Adhesion Adhesion
Rework Reworkability

Easy removable foam tape

Potential Application
Automotive navigation system

Double-sided tape with excellent removability for device recycling

Dot connector tape


Dot Connector tape

Potential Application
Defroster, Antenna

Alternative solution for Soldering Process makes the Defroster attaching process re-workable

Paint transfer sheet

CO2 reduce
CO2 reduce

Paint transfer sheet

Potential Application
Painting of car body and resin parts

Unique paint transfer technology using paint
transfer sheets enables booth-less painting

Translucent Foam Laminate

Design improvements
Design improvements

Translucent Foam Laminate

Potential Application
Door panel and other interior display part

Laminated product using original translucent foam

Take the opportunity to check
the details of
our latest products on display at CAR-ELE JAPAN